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Fill Layers

Use the _fill layers_ tool to paint the new fill color on top of the rest of the image.

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As a beginner or a hobbyist, you don’t need to be an expert in graphic design or photoshop to use Photoshop Elements. To get up to speed quickly, there are a few basic commands we can learn in the first few hours.

In this article, we’ll share our top 11 essential skills for Photoshop Elements.

#1. Importing Images

Most of the images and photos that you take are stored in an external hard drive or your phone. But not all the image formats are compatible with Photoshop Elements. For example, jpg and JPG are the most common image formats but they are not fully supported in Photoshop Elements.

You will need to convert your images into a format supported by Photoshop Elements.

There are many online services that can save you the hassle of converting your files. They usually include free conversion to and from popular image formats and offer helpful instructions. We’ve picked four of the best online image converter services below:

Keep in mind that not all online services are reliable. If you have any questions about an online image service, you can leave a comment on this article or reach out to us using the chat icon below.

To convert a photo from an image format that is not supported by Photoshop Elements, open the photo in Photoshop Elements, then go to File > Open > Browse Local. Select a new image format and press OK.

#2. Resizing Images

Like most photo editors, Photoshop Elements has the tools to resize images. The resized image can be converted into different sizes for optimal usage.

For example, a website will probably have different versions of an image for mobile and desktop. In this case, a user should see the smartphone version when browsing a mobile site and the desktop version when browsing the same page on their desktop or laptop.

To resize an image, go to Image > Resize. Use the handles that surround the image to size it to a new width and height.

Resizing your image can help make it look more professional, especially for magazine or newspaper websites.

Resize Image

#3. Cropping an Image

Cropping an image can be a very powerful tool that you will probably use most frequently. You can choose to crop your images to better frame them or to remove distracting elements like people’s faces or logos.

To crop a photo, go to Image > Crop. Move the cursor around the image and click on different parts

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and reinforcing role of neural circuitry in music therapy and pharmacotherapy. She also offers practical insights on how to organize therapy sessions and useful suggestions on making clinical observations as objective as possible.

Case studies, historical timeframes, and background information are provided about the relation between music therapy and pharmacotherapy. General guidelines for current and future interactions between therapists and patients are also included. This is a unique and helpful book that will go a long way toward integrating the two roles of music therapists in patient care.

Suzanne Coffey, PhD
Director of Research, PIAPTCC National Center
Minnesota State University


The art and science of grief and loss

John F.

“The ancient Greeks and Romans understood that in grief, the soul blurs the lines between itself and the world. In turmoil, the soul loses its grip on reality and gathers itself together, trying to return to the body. The myth of Narcissus relates how the distraught soul of Narcissus searches for its reflection in the depths of the water and, unable to find it, is led to the edge of a cliff and an icy death. ‘Nothing…survives me,’ he says. ‘As all things die, and the world is nothing more than a mire of sorrows, nothing lives for me.’ While the myth is poetic, the reality is that most of us experience grief and loss in stages. In the most acute moments, we may float off to a place where only our souls remain. Yet eventually, it may be that only the pain of loss and grief are left. Here, in this journey toward healing, two women explore the complexities of loss and grief by turning to music as a lifelong companion. One is a music therapist, the other a poet. Together, they share their stories of love and loss, reflection and healing. Along the way, they share a few basic ‘rules’ for dealing with the emotions that arise during grief and loss. Never fight your grief, and find its purpose and meaning.”— P. 13

Suzanne Coffey, PhD, director of research at the National Center for Professional Grief and Loss, comments on the book, “The authors of this book truly demonstrate the power of music in expressing and ameliorating grief and loss. I know that the authors’ work has been a significant inspiration to them, and to me. GRIEF AND

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Venezuela on alert as counter-protesters take to streets Published duration 4 April 2017 Related Topics Venezuela crisis

image copyright EPA image caption Thousands of demonstrators and counter-protesters took to the streets of Caracas on Saturday

Venezuela’s government has gone to unusual lengths to counter anti-government protesters by sending in military troops and sealing off public areas to keep them away.

Despite some setbacks, many of the protests continue – and at one point last week members of the crowd attacked a military base, declaring it “the base of the dictatorship”.

The government says several people have been killed in violence.

Mr Maduro says he will not quit, and that he has the support of the military and the people.

What’s happened in recent days?

The unrest in Venezuela has its roots in a move by the opposition-led National Assembly to pass a law which puts referendums and elections in the hands of a newly-created electoral council.

Critics say that the vote, scheduled for 3 May, is a way for Mr Maduro to stay in power without elections.

The government has blocked access to internet and television news since the decree was announced, as well as taking steps to block opposition politicians from holding meetings.

image copyright AFP image caption Thousands of protesters turned out in Caracas on Saturday

On Tuesday, Mr Maduro said he was considering calling a referendum on a “painful” term in office for himself in response to the anti-government protests, though he has not yet made that announcement.

His vice-president also weighed in on Saturday, saying Mr Maduro – whose powers as president have been reduced since he was declared “acting president” – would stand again in the next election.

Earlier, Mr Maduro said he had the support of the military.

“The military, the armed forces, the social revolution are with me, fighting today for a free Venezuela,” he said in an hour-long speech on state TV.

What’s the reaction been?

The US government has condemned the violence and repression, saying both sides must be held responsible for any deaths.

Leading opposition figure Henrique Capriles said security forces had fired on protesters, and opposition MPs had video evidence.

media caption Footage shows clashes between protesters and security forces during a protest in Caracas

The head of Venezuela’s armed forces said that clashes on Thursday and Friday were started by members of the opposition.

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